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News / 18 May 2019

Hi everyone! As the title states, you can now support me on Patreon. I only have 1 tier at the moment, but if anyone is interested in supporting me in this format I'll expand it to other tiers. I'd really appreciate the support if you'd consider supporting me there. Check it out at 

Artstation Prints

General / 19 February 2019

Artstation have finally allowed the selling of prints, this is something I've been looking forward to for ages! 

I couldn't resist offering my Artemis character as a 10x10 canvas print! Check it out in my portfolio :)

iPhone Assassin Timelapse

General / 05 January 2019

I finally made a YouTube channel :D and uploaded a 20 minute timelapse of my iPhone Assassin character. Check it out!

Incoming Beatdown.

General / 05 May 2018

I've been working on another Bloodsport girl for the past 2 weeks. She's actually a character that I started last year and was going to be the second in the series but she never felt right, so I left her. I've always wanted to make a character based on a french mime artist. One of my older characters "Aurora" was originally going to be a mime artist obsessed with dynamite!

I picked up the idea again for this character and restarted it. Finally I'm happy with the way she's progressing. So here are some WIPs. 

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Multiple updates...

General / 03 April 2018

It's been a while since I posted my last character, Sasha. Since then I've been working hard on a couple of characters that are almost ready! Both are very close to being finished. 

First up is another Bloodsport girl. She's nearly finished but something just isn't feeling right, and I always like to keep tweaking until I'm totally happy with my work. 

Second, my design of Superman! This one has been a lot of fun to make, beginning as an exercise in sculpting cartoony heads. Here are a few WIPs. As usual he's been sculpted in Zbrush, and posed using Transpose Master. The cape is made with Marvelous Designer, and the render is Keyshot.

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Pipeline ponderings.

General / 18 February 2018

Following on from my previous post I've worked a little bit more on the girl character I showed. 

Normally when I model characters I'll go through the process of sculpting and modelling them in a T or A pose. This has obvious advantages when it comes to modelling and production, not least of all because it allows for symmetrical modelling, a big time saver and obviously the character is clean and can be rigged with ease and unwrapped symmetrically, also this workflow is very important when producing characters for an animation pipeline.

If I'm just working in ZBrush I'd send the model over to Transpose master and pose it up. Good, done. The problem with this is that I've been finding myself a little bit held back by how far I can push a pose in Transpose master without pushing and pulling the geometry too far. 

For this girl character I'm skipping the T pose stage and working directly on my posed base mesh. Working this way allows me to focus on the pose first and really work in to some dynamic shapes, and hopefully a more compelling character design. Of course this workflow has it's drawbacks - you have to be sure of what you want to achieve early on. Extreme changes to the pose aren't going to be easy, which is why I still find it helpful to draw up some ideas before working in 3d.

Some parts of the model can still be worked on as symmetrical subtools, such as the face before expressions, and the hands. both of these I intend to dynamesh in to the model later. 

I know a lot of people work this way and I can see why, it feels like it cuts out a significant portion of the workflow and gets you straight in to the picture making bit :)